Our National Pride

Our National Pride: Bright Students of TED Bodrum College Are Ready to Represent Turkey in the 6th Balkan Physics Olympiad
We, as the Turkish Physical Society, act with the responsibility of carrying our deep-rooted heritage in the field of science and education into the future. On this path, while continuing our mission of training scientists, we proudly support our young talents to represent our country on international platforms. In this context, we wholeheartedly congratulate the success of the 11th grade Scientist Training Program students of TED Bodrum College, who will fly our star and crescent flag at the 6th Balkan Physics Olympiad (BPO6) to be held in Montenegro on 20-24 June 2024.
The scientific curiosity and determination of our students, Roza Derin Çetin, Cemre İlham, Buse Çolpan and Derya Özkarakaş, who successfully passed the rigorous elimination process organized by our association, made us extremely proud. Our students' guides in this process; The devoted work of our valuable educators such as Yeşim Uçar Ercan, Özlem Deniz and Associate Professor Elif Ebru Ermiş from İzmir Tınaztepe University is one of the cornerstones of this success. We sincerely congratulate our educators and students and wish them great success in the Balkan Physics Olympiads.
While such international representations underline Turkey's international success in the field of science, they also reveal the passion of our young people for science and our country's rich talent pool in this field. As the Turkish Physics Association, we will continue to support our young people in their science journeys and celebrate their international achievements.
We have full faith that our young people will achieve many more successes in the light of science.
Prof. Dr. Baki AKKUŞ
President of Turkish Physics Society